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A sliding scale for economic justice

Healing justice is one of my core values and offering sliding scale options for payment will help sustain my offerings and ongoing development as well as make my offerings available to every body, especially those of us from historically marginalized backgrounds.

According to Little Red Bird Botanicals, "A sliding scale is a tool for building economic justice, and it requires our active participation. If a sliding scale is implemented effectively, everyone pays a similar percentage of their income for the same services. A wide range of payment options across the scale promotes broader accessibility, while ensuring fair compensation to the organizer. Paying according to one’s available resources creates a more equitable system for pricing of products and services.”

Your investment is a personal choice. I invite you to reflect on your current financial situation and use the considerations above to make your decision, knowing that your financial situation may change at any time.

Use code HALF for 50% discount and FULL for 100% discount toward any classes or retreats at any time.

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1 Comment

Drew Fralick
Drew Fralick
Jul 01, 2022

Those three slides lay it out very clearly, thank you!

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