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Wellness Practices for College Students

This week, in partnership with the DEI Committee at the Haas Business Student Association of my alma mater, UC Berkeley, I am honored to hold space for a self-care and wellness workshop for students to destress, recharge, and learn strategies while navigating Cal and Haas as an institution, this pandemic, and other things students may be holding, while CENTERING underrepresented students' experiences, safety, and inclusion.

In our workshop, we will have:

  • (30 minutes) Identity-Affirming Guided Meditation

  • (30 minutes) Workshop on Self-Care & Wellness in Academia to explore strategies for how to take care of yourself as a student in crisis, academic wellness and mental health, and a take-home activity to build out a self-care plan

If you have any questions and/or accommodations we can meet, please email Erinn Wong (she/her) at as soon as possible. We are committed to making this event as accessible as possible!

You can sign up at

Self-Care & Wellness Workshop w_ Cap Agu
Download • 1.44MB

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