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New Offering: Personalized Videos for Your Unique Practice

I love harnessing my creative energy to support your well-being! A huge thank you to my close friends who've worked with me over the past few weeks to co-create this experience and get me to a place where I am ready to share this new offering with you!

This offering is supportive of any practitioners who...

  • are new to yoga and meditation

  • prefer to practice according to their own schedule

  • prefer to practice individually

  • want to repeat a class

  • want to deepen their practice

  • want to learn specific postures or breathing techniques

Based on your unique wellness goals and needs, you determine the design of the class. Choose the length of the overall video, the focus areas and theme, and the length of meditation. Please allow 7-10 days to receive your video.

Reserve your personalized class for $35 during the months of July and August and complete this personalization form (this form will also be emailed to you upon making your reservation).

Book in July and August and your package will include:

  • a custom video that you can replay any time

  • a custom music playlist to accompany your video

  • access to your personal page

  • access to follow-up conversation with me to share questions and feedback

  • founding client price of $35 for additional personalized videos at any time in the future

See the screenshots below for what your personalized page will look like. Excited to hear your thoughts and feedback! See you "online" soon.

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