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DIY Yoga Props and Supports

Here is a list of my favorite options for DIY yoga props and supports:

Yoga Blocks

  • Empty cardboard boxes or Tupperware

  • A stack of books

  • Large cans

  • Consider: sturdy items to bring the floor closer to your hands during a forward fold

Blanket or Knee Pad

  • Any large towel

  • Throw or bed pillows

  • Consider: anything fluffy that can add comfort and support under your sit bones, knees, wrists, feet, etc.


  • Hand towel

  • Long scarf

  • A pair of leggings

  • Consider: fabric items that have a bit of give in them when you pull with both hands


  • Large towel folded in half twice and then rolled onto itself

  • Large bed pillows

  • Consider: any soft item that is the length of your spine


  • Any chair you have at home to support you

  • Consider: how would the support of a chair benefit your practice?

What are your favorite DIY props and supports for your yoga and meditation practice?

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