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20-min Flow to Energize Your Day

Come as you are, with all that you are.

For this 20-min flow, you'll begin with the option to stand and connect to your breath. We'll move through light stretches to open up the sides of our necks, the sides of our bodies, and our quads. We'll move into my favorite posture, goddess pose, to strengthen our legs and invite a twist for our spine. Next, we'll transition into a forward fold to release our lower back and then end our practice in a restorative child's pose.

I recommend having props to support you to find your unique expressions of each pose offered. I enjoy practicing with:

*a blanket or towel to pad your knees, glutes, and/or wrists when we are working on the floor

blocks, books, boxes, plastic storage items, and/or cans to bring the floor closer to your hands

*a couple of throw pillows to support you in a seated position

*a sweater to use as a loop

I hope you enjoy this practice and find it supportive. I'm open to affirming and constructive feedback so please be in touch to share about your experience!

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