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10-min Chair Yoga

Come as you are, with all that you are.

For this 10-min chair yoga flow, you'll begin with the option to close your eyes and connect to your breath. We'll move through light stretches to open up the front and sides of the body. Then, we'll explore twisting to the right and left side to invite a massage for the muscles of our spine and our internal organs. Next, we'll transition into figure 4 pose to release our lower back and invite a stretch for the outer glutes. We will end our practice by reversing the effects of our forward posture and inviting several rounds of deep breaths.

I recommend having props to support you to find your unique expressions of each pose offered. For this practice, I enjoy using:

*blocks, books, boxes, plastic storage items, and/or cans to bring the floor closer to your feet

*a couple of throw pillows to support you in a seated position

I hope you enjoy this practice and find it supportive. I'm open to affirming and constructive feedback so please be in touch via this form to share about your experience!

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